Jane Fonda: “I’m Not Afraid of Death”

Jane Fonda, the 75-year-old actress and aerobics promoter, revealed during an interview for Inquisitr that she is not afraid of death. The “Monster-In-Law” star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, but she was not held back by the bad news and, instead, chose to rally the millions of women around the world who are now fighting breast cancer.

Jane Fonda’s optimism has always exceeded regular norms, but the recent declaration she has made in an interview with the Inquisitr tabloid, has truly shocked us. Unlike the rest of the people, who fall into a deep depression pit the moment they are diagnosed with cancer, the actress chose to laugh in the face of death. The 75-year-old actress kept her cool and realized that fighting against the disease is the only options she has left.

Fonda confessed that she was very shocked by the cancer diagnosis she received in 2010 and the lumpectomy she suffered that November. Nevertheless, she managed to completely recover after the surgery being 100 percent cancer-free. Looking back at the recovery period, Jane understood that the cancer diagnosis was a good test for her to understand that she is not afraid of death. She was never terrified by the thought that she might die because Fonda is aware that every person will pass away at some point or another. “I always said I’m not afraid of dying. And I wasn’t. I mean, I felt (that), god, I’ve just joined a family of millions of women who have gone through this,” the actress stated.

Jane Fonda has always maintained a positive perspective on her cancer diagnosis, portraying it as a journey accomplished at the side of millions of other patients. This point of view and the objective approach have helped the actress win the battle over cancer. Over the years, the 75-year-old aerobics practitioner has dealt with various health issues including a hip and a knee replacement.

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