Jamie Oliver says his marriage is in a rut

Famous chef Jamie Oliver says his marriage with Jools is in a rut because of his work schedule. He explains that even though she doesn’t quite understand why he travels and works so much, he does not want to give up his mission, Daily Mail reports.

We all know Jamie Oliver as the guy who cooks fantastic dishes and fights to raise awareness regarding the effects of junk food. This has become his mission and it takes him almost all his time. His wife, Jools, with whom he has three children, has grown tired of having a husband just on paper.

“We love each other to bits, but I don’t think marriage is easy” says Jamie.  “She’s like, “Why do you care? If you’re not going over there and doing it for money, why do you care?” Jamie says that he didn’t even have the time to speak with his wife about his career plans like he does with journalists. However, he said that he will not give up his work, no matter his marriage difficulties. Yes, he is in a bit of trouble in that area, as you might have imagined. So, in order to calm his wife down from time to time, he admits that he does not give her all the details regarding his work. “I try not to tell her. She doesn’t necessarily get everything I do.” He says that if he were to tell her everything , “that’s another eight-hour day. I’m not a worrier but she is a worrier. I don’t need that and she doesn’t need that, so we’re in a bit of a rut”.

Jamie’s marriage has had troubles before, in 2005, when his career almost cost him his wife. The couple appeared in Jamie’s TV show, where Jools started weeping over some rumors of infidelity from Jamie’s part. He allowed the scene to be televised in order to show how his career is affecting his marriage. The problem then was, as now, his extremely busy schedule.

Jamie, 36, and Juliette Norton, got married on June 24, 2000. They met in 1993, when Jamie was only 16 and Jools, 17 and have been together since then. They have three daughters, Rosie, Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow.

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