Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Gets Harvard Award

Not many celebrity chefs dedicate so much of their time and energy into actually educating people about the food they eat. Jamie Oliver is a natural advocate for better food education and for his food revolution he got a Harvard award.

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” was a show that has certainly changed many people’s lives. Although he had faced a lot of scrutiny and sparked controversies, some of Jamie Oliver’s advices and stories on ABC caught on. The chef had chosen the unhealthiest place in the United States, Huntington, W. Va., to try and make a difference. For his success and work in food education, he will be honored with the Healthy Cup Award of Harvard School of Public Health.

This Saturday, the United States has been preparing for the first ever Food Revolution Day. Hundreds of food events, dinner parties and debates have been scheduled to promote better food education, real food and awareness over what we are eating.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Jamie Oliver said of why junk food is so popular: “If you don’t know what stuff is or where to get it or what to do with it, then you haven’t got choice. You just start buying into the vicious circle of junk, junk, junk”.

It is a project the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation has been working hard to accomplish. The goal is to have people across the world, not just Americans “to make small, simple changes that will lead to healthier lives”.

“On May 19, I urge you to stand up for real food and pledge to bring food education back into our schools, workplaces and communities” says Jamie Oliver. “Cooking with real ingredients, understanding where food comes from and passing along that knowledge will get us back on track” adds the chef.

For the day, Jamie Oliver has announced a special cooking lesson for the boys and girls from the Los Angeles Boys & Girl Club, which will be hosted by the UCLA Medical Center.
For the moment being, Jamie Oliver is debating with Michael Gove, over the school food policies in the UK. “School dinners and children’s health are in the hands of one man right now and I don’t trust him. Michael Gove is taking away the standards and he’s done it for no reason” said the chef.

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