Jamie Foxx Leaves Katie Holmes Because of Scientology

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are said to be a couple. The two stars have never confirmed that they are really dating, but this does not mean that the rumors have stopped. In fact, it has constantly been claimed that there is something going on between the two and actually some rumors even said that Jamie and Katie were planning on getting married.

Well, the rumors were not confirmed and it appeared at one point that Jamie could be dating someone else, being spotted at several occasions with some mystery women. Now, the latest rumors say that Jamie Foxx actually decided to dump Katie Holmes and the reason is quite unexpected. It has been claimed that Jamie wants to end this relationship because of the actress’s scientology drama. So, Jamie wants to keep distance from Scientology and so he could not remain in this relationship.

The report was initially published by Radar Online, which claimed that the actor doesn’t want to get involved with Katie because of her former religion. Allegedly, Katie Holmes is quite scared of what the Scientology can do and how it can influence her life. The report claimed that it all started with a celebration that Jamie planned for Katie’s birthday.

He actually spent no less than $35,000 on one night in Mexico for the special event. However, Katie was not very happy and she actually worried that she will be targeted by the Scientology because of her extravagant birthday bash. Furthermore, Katie is very scared that the church will brainwash her young daughter Suri. Suri is the daughter of Katie Holmes with her former husband Tom Cruise.

“It’s controlling her life,” a source claimed. “Katie doesn’t want to be away from Suri for more than a day. The paranoia is causing all issues,” the same insider explained. “This isn’t what Jamie signed on,” another source also added. This is not the first time when the Scientology is linked to potential issues for Katie and Jamie.
It has previously also been claimed that Katie actually feared that when finding out about her relationship with Jamie, Tom Cruise would take her daughter away from her.

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