Jamie Foxx and Katie Homes’ Secret Romance is Over

For years now it has been claimed that famous actors Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are more than just friends. The two have never confirmed that they are dating, but this has not stopped the rumors. Actually, it has been claimed on several occasions that Jamie and Katie separated and reconciled, although they never admitted they were ever a couple. 

Now, once again it has been claimed that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have separated. And this time it seems that the reason of the split is actually linked to the fact that Katie and Jamie have not made their relationship public. Page Six claimed that Jamie and Katie separated because he could not accept the idea of making their romance known to the world. And it seems that Katie was just tired of hiding. 

“Jamie wants to continue to act like the carefree guy he is in public. Eventually, the question had to come about whether he was committed enough to the relationship,” a source close to the actor said according to Page Six. The same insider went on to add that things just stopped working between the two. 

The timing of this report is quite curious, as last month it has actually been claimed that Jamie and Katie were engaged. Then, it has been revealed that Jamie was determined to marry the famous actress and he had actually requested approval from Katie’s former husband, Tom Cruise. In September, some reports indicated that Katie and Tom had a divorce settlement which required her to not date publicly for five years and this was actually the reason why she and Jamie have been hiding their romance. The claims were later denied. 

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were first linked in 2013. During this period of time, a series of reports talked about their relationship, although the two have never revealed that the claims were true. It is yet to see if this time the rumors will say that things are over for good or other reports will come to dismiss the separation and indicate that Jamie and Katie are still a couple. 

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