James Packer Unhappy with Mariah’s Parenting Methods

Although Mariah Carey and James Packer stopped being a couple several days ago, the reason why their relationship ended has not been revealed. So, rumors are still on regarding what caused this split. One of the most recent reports on this subject indicated that Mariah and James separated because the businessman was not happy with the singer’s parenting methods. 

The news was reported by Woman’s Day, which indicated that James and Mariah fought over “how she raised her twins.” The report went on to add that James was not happy with Mariah’s parenting. “He [James] just couldn’t handle her kids – they were pretty bratty compared to his three [Emmanuelle, 4, Jackson, 6 and Indigo, 8] with Erica, who’s a fantastic mum,” the report indicated. 

This is the second time when a report puts the blame on Mariah for the split. Immediately after the split has been revealed, it has been claimed that Mariah and James separated because of the diva’s extravagant spending. Some other reports said that Mariah had gotten very close to one of her backup dancers and James was not happy with this. 

However, the report was denied by a spokesperson for James Packer, who said that the whole story was untrue and the businessman had no problem with Mariah’s parenting style. Meanwhile, another report, this time from TMZ, revealed a series of facts from an alleged unsigned prenuptial document prepared for Mariah and James. 

The proposed prenup indicated that in case of a divorce, “James will pay Mariah, and Mariah shall accept, $6 million dollars per year for each full year of marriage, up to a maximum of $30 million.” Mariah is currently divorced, as she and her former husband Nick Cannon have recently finalized their legal separation. On the other hand, Nick Cannon is said to be expecting a child with another woman. 

It has been rumored that the star and his former girlfriend Brittany Bell are set to welcome a baby. The news was reported by Us Weekly, which claimed that multiple sources have confirmed the rumors. Nick Cannon has not talked about the claims.

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