James Cameron Titanic Documentary On Centennial

April 15th marks the centennial of Titanic, a ship that continues to baffle researchers today. The story of its wreckage has definitely inspired dozens of theories and the subject remains of interest even today. Partly helped by the James Cameron 1997 blockbuster movie, the audience skyrockets on the matter. With the upcoming centennial, there are important events coming this week, and the James Cameron Titanic documentary is part of that.

A hundred years ago, off the coast of Newfoundland, the luxury liner hit an iceberg several moments before midnight on April 14. It sank and killed 1,517 people. But the few words that describe the story are not enough to fully emphasize the fascination around the subject that appealed to directors, writers of all kinds, tourists and so on.

For Frank Avellino, playwright, “The Titanic is like the quintessential Greek tragedy come to life. You couldn’t make up a better fictional story”. Robert L. Bracken is trustee and treasurer for the Titanic International Society of Midland Park. He knows better than anyone what kind of fascination Titanic generates. He said: “I go to a party and someone says, ‘You know, Bob’s doing work on the Titanic’…First thing I know there are 20 people sitting around asking me questions”.

In preparing for the Titanic centennial, the TV schedule carries a plethora of documentaries dedicated to the subject. NatGeo already started the dedicated program with James Cameron’s Titanic documentary featuring an expert panel doing “the ultimate forensic investigation” into the ship wreckage.

This Monday, NatGeo airs “Save the Titanic” by Robert Ballard. On Tuesday, PBS presents Len Goodman and a former ship welder paying visits to Titanic descendants. April 15th brings three documentaries on History, ABC and Turner Classic Movies. If you’re a buff of the subject, don’t miss these!

In remembrance of the Titanic, a particular company has cashed in high. The Titanic Memorial Cruise started this Sunday its journey following the path of the Titanic. Passengers are given a full experience, with an Edwardian setting, the original menus and even the same music. This is the fifth year the cruise has been retracing Titanic’s steps, but with the centennial this week, the cruise has surely reaped the benefits.

And let’s not forget that James Cameron 3D Titanic blockbuster has just been released. All in all, this week prepare for a trip back in history.

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  1. have you considered the the deformation that was caused by the ships bending at centre. the force of that bending would cause almost an explosion like when a tank or ship is hit by a Armour piercing shell causing a gigantic outward explosion.

    this could be your mystery to the expulsion of large steal hatches and smoke stacks and other large objects.

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