Jaleel White Talks About Fight With Kym Johnson

Well, you know how the glossy media is: trying to find a story even if that means to make it from scratch. But some celebrities aren’t that fond of the publicity and the sudden media coverage their getting, particularly when that pertains to rumors about their love life. Jaleel White is just the latest celeb to get under the media’s radar over rumors about an alleged fight with his partner at “Dancing with the Stars”, so he decided to talk about his said fight with Kym Johnson.

Agreeing to take part at a show such as “Dancing with the Stars” means more than just entering a gruesome training schedule that even the fittest find challenging. Taking part at “Dancing with the Stars” means media coverage like never before and even celebrities that are often in the spotlight and used with media barging in their lives might find the attention a little bit too much.

At the same time, audience for such shows spikes when the media starts talking about rumors of potential love stories or overall disagreement between partners. Most participants simply go with the flow, but others make a stand. Just like Jaleel White did about the alleged fight with partner Kym Johnson.

Before the Monday show, several sources wrote that Jaleel White snapped at his partner Kym Johnson and had a complete meltdown, probably caused by the stress of the competition. People cited a source that said Jaleel White stepped on his partner’s foot during rehearsal and then yelled at her for overreacting: “Jaleel definitely was out of line. It basically didn’t have anything to do with Kym or her foot – he was just stressed out and ready to snap”.

Apparently, Jaleel White had such a huge meltdown that Mark Ballas and Donald Driver had to step in to calm him down: “Both Mark and Donald wound up having words with him, mostly trying to get him to realize that he needed to just get a grip already”.

But Jaleel White didn’t let things just disappear in the next day’s headlines. He said: “We go to work every day, and there is an alley full of tabloid reporters. It’s not fair to us and that’s life and I hope people can see through it. There’s no drama in my life”.

To the People’s story, Jaleel only said everything was exaggerated.

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