Jake Gyllenhaal tests his limits in “Man vs. Wild” show

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal had to prove he is a real man, testing his limits in the “Men vs. Wild” show. He had to skin a rotting sheep, sleep in a hole he dug in the snow, eat worms and traverse an icy gorge on a rope.

The Prince of Persia star could be seen in the adventure of his life on TV on Monday. He was accompanied by the “Man vs Wild” show host, survival expert Bear Grylls. The adventure started with the two men being dropped by a helicopter on a glacier. From that point they faced a two-day hiking to their destination. They have started their journey.

At one point Gyllenhaal and Grylls found a dead sheep located in a pit created by the heat of the volcano. The actor was brave enough to offer to skin the animal so that they could use the fleece to keep warm for the night. But the animal was in an advanced state of decomposing, so it couldn’t be done. As the night was falling, the adventurers had to find a place safe from the storms. So they dug up a hole in the snow where they would both fit.

The actor confessed that he likes to dig and he is pretty good at it, too. “I like digging holes. Maybe I was a gopher in a past life,” he said. The next morning they had roots and worms for breakfast as there was no other food available. After finishing breakfast they began their hiking. They had to cross an icy river. This was a real challenge considering that they had to strip. In order to keep their clothes dry (so they won’t freeze) they crossed the river naked, carrying waterproof rucksacks.

When they got to the other side of the river, they quickly put their clothes on and started hiking in a more alert rhythm so they would warm up. That was the final obstacle that nature put in their way. From that point they only had a brief walk to the place where the helicopter was waiting for them.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a fan of Bear Grylls’s show and says that this opportunity “was pretty much a high.”

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  1. Never really cared either way for they guy as i just considered him a pampered movie star.
    Now he has my utmost respect and admiration. No special effects there!!!!!

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