Jailbreak Atv 4 Reveals the Difference Between Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix and Now TV recently published an interesting article presenting the main facts and differences between Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix and Now TV. The four media streamers are extremely popular today, as we all live in an era of advanced devices. Which of these four options are better and which one you should pick is something debated in this new article.

By far, Apple TV seems to be the most popular choice, as this media streamer was actually created by the famous company Apple Inc. All Apple products enjoy a huge popularity nowadays and the Apple TV makes no exception. A very small and very intelligent device, Apple TV brings great features that allow users to have access to a series of services.

Jailbreak Atv 4 writes that with Apple TV you will easily access iCloud, Disney Channel, HBO, NHL, but also the iTunes library. The advanced device can offer access to all types of movies and TV shows, even to Netflix.

Consequently, the popularity of Apple TV might be higher compared to Netflix, but Netflix has numerous users, too. In case you plan on accessing this platform, Jailbreak Atv 4 informs, you will have to pay a monthly fee, but you will gain access to numerous TV series and films. Just be careful, as Netflix requires a good broadband connection!

The same is valid for Now TV. Jailbreak Atv 4 also informs in its article that Now TV comes with a new feature, as this platform allows users to customize their service. Now TV features three packages from which clients may choose: Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment. Now TV requires you to pay a monthly fee, such as LoveFilm. For more info :

On LoveFilm users also gain access to a series of TV shows and movies. This is a very popular service, being described as quite simple to use. indicates that the best choice between these four options can only be determined depending on what each user needs in its service. Still, there are some things worth to be considered. reveals that LoveFilm and Netflix will suppose similar costs, but Now TV will cost more. On Netflix users will find numerous films and TV series. However, Now TV is the perfect choice for the newest releases. Apple TV brings great quality and can be customized. A choice is the best possible when it matches the needs and the budget of the user making that pick.

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