Jacksonville Jaguars’ Blackmon Arrested For DUI

ESPN reports that Jacksonville Jaguars’ first-round draft pick receiver, Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI on Sunday. According to Oklahoma authorities, the football player was retained after police officers discovered that the alcohol level in his blood was three times bigger than the legal level.

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked Blackmon as their first choice during the NFL drafts because they thought he would be able to restore their team’s reputation back. Unfortunately, the wide receiver caused additional problems when he was arrested on Sunday for aggravated DUI. Analyses have shown that the football player had been consuming large quantities of alcohol as the numbers on the breathalyzer test showed .24, that is, three times the legal limit of .08.

The 22-year-old sports player was taken to the police station and was held on $1,000 bail. Payne County Sheriff Sgt. Brandon Ingham didn’t reveal too many information in relation to the episode. He only stated that Blackmon did not have an attorney when he arrived in jail. Reporters tried to contact his agent, Todd France, but he did not respond to the first emails and phones.

Jaguars’ spokesperson told the press that the team doesn’t want to make any declarations in relation to Blackmon’s arrested. They, nevertheless, promised to gather as much information as possible to determine what happened.

This was not the first time Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI. In 2010, he was put to jail by Texas officers because he had been speeding on a Dallas highway. This time, however, the football player is willing to change. He told reporters after the Sunday incident that he made a mistake and deserves to be held accountable for it.

He later on, added that he felt very embarrassed to be in this position. As a consequence, Blackmon apologized to his family, to his friends and to the entire Oklahoma City during his interview. He reassured everyone that he will do his best to redeem himself in order to prove people that he is a god guy. He concluded the statement saying that he will do his best to “grow” from this experience.

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