Jackie Chan Ashamed by the Arrest of his Son

Jackie Chan claimed to be really ashamed and saddened over the arrest of his son. The famous actor also apologized to the public for the events. 

The statements were made by Jackie Chan on Wednesday. They came after the famous actor’s son was arrested on drug charges in Beijing. Chan felt the need to apologize to the public for everything that happened in this case, although he was not directly involved. The actor also revealed that Jaycee Chan will have to face the consequences of his actions. 

“Regarding this issue with my son Jaycee, I feel very angry and very shocked. As a public figure, I’m very ashamed. As a father, I’m heartbroken,” a statement by Jackie Chan said. “Jaycee and I together express our deep apology to society and the public,” the same statement added. 

Jaycee Chan was arrested last week. The 31 year old son of Jackie Chan was arrested along with Kai Ko, a popular Taiwanese movie star. Apparently, both stars were tested and found to be under the influence of drugs. Police reports indicate that the two actors were found positive for marijuana and they both admitted to have used the drug. 

“I hope all young people will learn a lesson from Jaycee and stay far from the harm of drugs,” Chan also wrote in his post. “I say to Jaycee that you have to accept the consequences when you do something wrong. As your father, I’m going to face the road together with you,” the popular actor added. The star also claimed that “Jaycee and I together express our deep apology to society and the public.” 

Now, Jaycee Chan is accused of aiding and abetting other drug users. He can be sentenced to no less than three years in jail, if found guilty. There are two other people accused in this case, the accusations regarding selling drugs. Ko is accused of using the drugs. It is yet to see what will happen in this case and if Chan will be found guilty and if so, if he will be sentenced to jail.

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