Jack Black And Shirley MacLaine – Real Life Partners?

Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine arrived together at the Hollywood premiere of their latest movie, “Bernie” making people believe that they might be real life partners. The two actors spoke about their characters in the movie and told Reuters reporters that they came at the premiere together because they wanted to be on their own.

“Bernie” is not the usual comedy that Jack Black has accustomed us with. The motion picture was inspired by the true story of a man, Bernie Tiede, who marries a widow in his town, Marjorie Nugent and kills her because he grows sick of her constant nagging. Although the two stars end up to be enemies on the screen, they claim that things are a lot different in real life.

Jack Black left reporters in suspense at the premiere as he declared that life might be imitating art when he was asked why he was accompanied by Shirley. He further stated that the two thought it would be fun to go out on a date at the premiere. The actress continued Black’s joke by saying that the two are more than friends, but only she and Jack’s children know what is really going on between the two.

Speaking about his role in the movie, Jack Black reminded people that the movie is inspired from a true story and that Bernie’s actual trial took place 14 years ago. In fact, the man who killed his nagging wife is now in prison because of a relationship that ended badly.

Although MacLaine is used to playing negative female characters, she declared at the premiere that Marjorie Nugent was by far the worst of them all, including the character from the “Steel Magnolias”. According to her, Nugent was so mean that she actually deserved to be punished, not the way Bernie did, but in some way or another. The actress found the story of the movie very interesting because it shows just how much people are willing to put up with when it comes to money.


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