J.K. Rowling Sends The Audience Into Raptures

British author J.K. Rowling sent the audience into raptures during her sole U.S. public appearance on Tuesday at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center. The “Harry Potter” writer spent more than an hour in company of fellow author Ann Patchett, who addressed her various questions on behalf of the American fans, says the Associated Press.

J.K. Rowling made a public appearance in front of the American audience in order to promote her new novel for grownups, “The Casual Vacancy”. The British author sent the crowd into raptures the very first moment she showed up on stage. She was welcomed by her fellow writer Ann Patchett, who warned Rowling that she isn’t a “particularly nice” person. The creator of the “Harry Potter” series declared that she has nothing to be afraid of and that she is ready to answer all the host’s questions. 

During the hour they spent together on stage, Rowling did her best to answer Ann’s questions hoping that she will satisfy all her America readers’ curiosities. Later on, she read a brief excerpt from her new book “The Casual Vacancy” which was long applauded by the 2,500 people gathered at the David H. Koch Auditorium.

In spite of describing herself as a tough person, Ann Patchett could not refrain from praising J.K. Rowling for having created one of the most inspiring children’s characters, namely, Harry Potter. The British author declared that she likes writing novels for children and teenagers because she feels a special connection to them. She has always been attracted to the way adolescents perceive “evil in the world” because it gives her the impression that stories enable them to explore their feelings.

Although her talent is undisputed, J.K. Rowling confessed that writing books is not always easy. The most difficult part in the making of a novel is, in her opinion, the structuring of the story. Nevertheless, the author has decided to completely change her style and her creational process with the new novel “The Casual Vacancy”. While she did not allow anyone to read her “Harry Potter” manuscripts, Rowling requested her husband’s opinion for the grownup novel.

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