Italians have always been extraordinary creators and craftsmen.

Saddler’s now under the careful direction of Michela Calabresi Marconi and ‘turned into a real living room, workshop meetings and creativity’. A venue and date. Customers, especially friends like Christian de Sica, Ludovica and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Benedetta Geronzi and Bernabo ‘Bocca, Giancarlo Giammetti, alter ego and a member of the great designer Valentino, Afef Trochetti Provera, Emanuela Barilla, Gaetano Lovatelli of Gelasius Aragoma, Ferdinand and Ugo Brachetti Peretti. Customers”Saddler’s return after years-told Michela Marconi-A brand that is handed down from father to son, recognizable to the touch, scent, style and design. Unique, original.”
A safe bet, at a time of global crisis, the Roman young businesswoman who is planning to open new boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, New York. ”’Should never be fashionable, not passing fads, I suggested my friend Luigi d’Urso. A kind of testament and that ‘even become one of my motto,”he agiunta. Michela Marconi, a past alongside Valentino, Armani, Ferre ‘, draws some personal items of the brand experience possible solutions, launch mode for the next priomavera – summer. And as’ happened recently with her friend Afef Tronchetti Provera. And ‘she was to launch a new trend. The little bag with leather strap and long golden. Wear on the beach above the pareo.”
Not only creativity ‘and entrepreneurship’. Roman thinks the young entrepreneur already ‘tomorrow’s Saddler. ”I’d like to give opportunity ‘to work for young Italians, but also foreigners and immigrants – announced – through a first phase of training and work experience and a second for those that wish to work. Saddler’s could offer the best opportunity ‘for a job, a stable job. I am in contact with the Province of Rome – he continued – I deeply believe in the synergy between public and private. And do not forget that we Italians are a people of extraordinary creators and craftsmen. History, culture, DNA. Factors essential, non-negotiable”.

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