Italian air in Copenhagen

Can not be overlooked. Clarinetist and teacher Umberto Giordano in Foggia,is the first pianist and music teacher at the middle school Pius XII of Foggia, the second. Put on a program that can not be more original. Nothing trivial or inflated, as often happens when these two instruments are to meet. Here Poulenc, Milhaud or Schumann are not concerned.
Bruno Falanga clarinet and piano Sergio Paciello did not need the support of un’ugola to make you fall in love with the most famous arias of Italian tradition, much like that even (especially) abroad. So much so that Thursday, May 6 will fly to Copenhagen. Are expected at the Auditorium of the Italian Institute of Culture, with all the baggage of the scores below, as it has for four years, with the enthusiasm of two boys novice and the experience of those tackles, a pair of decades, the most demanding Italian audiences. The immortal melodies of La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida and Favorita transmit different sensations and perceptions, if blown by a clarinet. Return philosophy and the meaning of a world when we met in the fashionable salons to contempalare the size of the arts. Technically they are “paraphrases concert” of the most popular themes that have made great Italian opera in the world, reviewed by the various Dutch, and Labanchi Lovreglio, the Paganini of the clarinet that made sparks in the Europe of the late nineteenth century. As will happen in a few days in a corner of Copenhagen. When the heart of Europe is another breathe, it is appropriate to say italian air.

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