It’s The Final Tour For George Strait

If you somehow missed out on a George Strait performance until now, you’d better make it fast and buy a ticket because this is the final tour for him.

For a country music legend, with more U.S. platinum records than The Rolling Stones, touring is a way of living. But George Strait says he is retiring from the road after the 2013-2014 tour. Basically, the two-year “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour” is George Strait’s final tour.

Calling George Strait a country music icon feels almost like an understatement. The man has 59 hits that were no. 1 and has made 65 million album sales. For the past 30 years playing country music, George Strait got more U.S. platinum records than The Rolling Stones. At only 60 years old, George Strait is definitely in for more impressive numbers to add to the list.

At a press conference in Tennessee, at the Country Music and Museum in Nashville, George Strait announced he has decided “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour” is his final. “It’s been a hard decision for me to make, but … I’ve decided I’m not going to tour anymore after the next two years” said George Strait.

“Don’t think I;m retiring, because I’m not” the 60-year-old country music legend explained. “If a special event happens to come up somewhere I want to do, by all means, I’m going to do it” said George Strait. “I hope I still have a lot of those left in me” he added.

Anyway, while this is the final tour for George Strait, it’s not going to be his last project. “I’m still going to make records as long as Mike [Dungan – label chief] will let me” George Strait promised. “I’m going to write, and after two years, when I’ve quit touring” other such events occur he’s not going to say no, but “as far as a structured tour goes, at the last date of 2014 goes, that will be it for touring”.

George Strait’s decision to quit touring is not something that just happened. “I always had it in the back of my mind when I turned 60 that it might be time to start thinking about it” George Strait explained. “I also never wanted to show up for a tour when nobody came. I believe I made the right decision. Only time will tell” the country music legend added.

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