It’s Official! Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Thomas Got Engaged

Just yesterday I was taking my weekly dose of one of my favorite TV series and something stuck in my brain. I didn’t know I was going to use the next day. Basically, young women date and are in love with older men because they find them cool. Don’t know yet if that applies to the 53 year old Alec Baldwin and his 28 year old girlfriend Hilaria Thomas, but now it is official: these two lovebirds got engaged.

Most men same age as Alec Baldwin are already enjoying about thirty years of married life with children giving them nephews and granddaughters. Other 53 year old men, wealthy and still good looking enough, have sworn off getting married again. But Alec Baldwin is so in love with his younger girlfriend that it took him about one year to propose.

Hilaria Thomas is 28 years old and is a stunning yoga instructor. Perhaps these were enough to convince Alec Baldwin to give marriage another try. The actor was previously married to actress Kim Basinger but their nine years of marriage finished in 2002. The two actors have a daughter together called Ireland and who is currently 16 years old. Baldwin was so impressed with the divorce and the battle for Ireland’s custody that in 2008 he even published a book about that time of his life called “A Promise to Ourselves”.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas have been dating since last summer. He even said at one point: “I’ve got a woman in my live now. My girlfriend is very important to me”.

The news about their engagement was confirmed on Twitter and for People Magazine by Alec Baldwin’s rep. People writes the rep said: “Yes, it’s true! Alec proposed to Hilaria this weekend and we’re all excited for the newly engaged couple. Alec’s birthday is tomorrow – great way to celebrate!”

Stephen Baldwin told the Daily News he was expecting that: “I kinda knew this was coming and couldn’t be happier for my big brother Alec and Hilaria”. He confessed he got a photo on his phone from Alec Baldwin featuring a “petite female hand with a large beautiful ring on it”.

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