Israel, Hamas Agree On Cease-Fire

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israel and Hamas have finally agreed with the ceasefire terms brokered by the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi and the Israeli Prime-Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Gazans have all gathered to celebrate the end of one-week violence, while efforts are being made to clean the streets and provide shelter to victims.

The diplomatic activities developed by Hillary Clinton and other important political figures to put an end to the violent outbreaks in the Gaza Strip have turned out successful for the moment. Israel and Hamas agreed to make a truce, thus marking a significant moment in the evolution of the relationships between the two nations.

Residents of Gaza crowded in the streets on Thursday morning to celebrate the end of the eight-day conflict. The majority of them will spend the following days fixing and restoring their homes as great part of the city has been affected by the 30 overnight attacks conducted by Israeli aircrafts. Workers are already taking care of the dangling electricity wires and the garbage piles that have gathered on the streets since the attacks began on November 14.

Diplomats were satisfied by the agreement that was settled between Israel and Hamas and they all described the truce as the beginning of a new era in relations between the two conflicting nations. The blockaded coastal strip could soon open its borders as Israel and Hamas are negotiating a new deal.

161 Palestinians and five Israelis were killed during the aerial attacks that lasted for more than a week. 71 of them were civilians and officials estimate that it was the worst conflict that the two nations have had in the past four years. Back then, Israel invaded Gaza causing hundreds of people to lose their lives in the bloodbath.

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