Is Matthew McConaughey Losing Too Much Weight?

A recent photo illustrating Matthew McConaughey on his way out of a gym in Austin, Texas has left everyone wondering whether the actor is losing too much weight for his future movie role. The “Magic Mike” star is only a gaunt shadow of the muscle-clad man he used to be after losing more than 30 pounds within several months, says Us Weekly.

If you ever thought being a movie star is just a walk in the park, you’d better think again. Matthew McConaughey is a living proof of the sacrifices that actors have to make in order to live up to their fans’ expectations. The 42-year-old star had to lose 30 pounds for his new role as drug addict Ron Woodruff in “The Dallas Buyer’s Club” and it looks like the actor has to get even thinner in the following months.

After seeing Matthew’s recent pics, a new debate concerning actor’s weight problems has begun. According to tabloids, McConaughey, who has followed a highly strict low-carb diet in the past months, has got people worried about his skinny and emaciated figure. The actor was photographed after his workout class on Friday looking even thinner than he used to five days ago while he was taking a walk with his mother, Mary. 

McConaughey reassured reporters they have nothing to worry about. The actor stated that he will play the part of Ron Woodruff, a drug addict who contracts HIV and becomes one of the first AIDS activists in the 1980s Texas. Speaking about his new character, Matthew described him as a person who would have loved to be healthier, but there is nothing he can do to fight the dreadful disease. The newly wedded star further added that getting inside his character’s mental state is more difficult than losing weight.

Doctors constantly keep an eye on the actor’s health condition, so reps claim Matthew is in a great physical condition. His meals are very frugal and they usually consist in high-protein, low-carb food. In addition, McConaughey has to work out several hours per day in order to burn body fat.

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