Is Kelly Osbourne Engaged Or Not?

Kelly Osbourne is one of the few celebrities that managed to prove their skills before looking smoking hot. She is a singer, fashion designer, actress and host. Following Kelly Osbourne’s hosting of Miss USA 2012, the tabloid media started rumors that she might have gotten engaged. So, is Kelly Osbourne engaged or not?

The truth is that although Kelly Osbourne might not have the same status as say Rihanna, her wedding is going to be something a lot of people would want to see. At the Miss USA 2012, which she hosted, Kelly Osbourne accessorized a sparkling ring to a black embellished dress and lilac hair. The Mirror soon wrote that it was an engagement ring Kelly Osbourne received from her vegan chef boyfriend Matthew Mosshart. 

Kelly Osbourne and Mathew Mosshart have been dating for almost one year. They met at Kate Moss’ glamorous wedding in summer 2011. Us Weekly wrote that Mathew Mosshart could propose any day now, but Kelly Osbourne’s rep shut down all the rumors with a plain statement: “She is not engaged”.

Not only is Kelly Osbourne looking smoking hot now, but her unique personality makes for an interesting fashion style and take on life. With Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne as her parents it would have been impossible for Kelly to be anything but awesome.

It might look like we’re fans of Kelly’s, but the thing is she’s worked really hard to solve her issues and when it comes to celebrity that’s hard to achieve. She lost weight, got through quite some troublesome years as a teenager and survived a drug hell. Oftentimes she was the target of jokes and nasty tabloid rumors.

Over the years, Kelly’s professional career shifted from singing to acting and hosting events. She was a common presence on MTV’s host list for all sorts of awards and a few years back Kelly and her partner Louis Van Amstel took third place in “Dancing with the Stars”. Her first fashion line was launched in 2004 and two years later became the image of Accessorize. As of last year, the 27-year-old started as a fashion correspondent for E! and hosted the “Fashion Police”.

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