Is Jessie J Bisexual?

Jessie J is usually known for her colorful makeup and clothes, but this time, the British singer revealed her less eccentric side. The “Domino” interpreter adopted a more natural look and opened up about her bisexuality in a recent interview for Glamour’s May issue 2012.

The material that Jessie J prepared for the May issue of the Glamour magazine is totally different than what we have seen so far. The British pop singer has accustomed us with flaring outfits, wigs and makeups, so we never got the chance to notice her playful smile until Glamour released her most recent pics.

Other than her smile, Jessie is also famous for the self-confidence she displays on every occasion. When reporters asked her what made her so confident, the singer replied that she was endowed with two wonderful parents who never tried to correct her behavior in any way. Jessie further added that her parents, who have been married for 32 years, always encouraged her to behave according to her wishes. In her opinion, people can overcome their embarrassment if they don’t allow other people’s insecurities to become their own.

There were many secrets that the singer revealed during her interview with the Glamour reporters. She finally confessed that she prefers to wear wigs in order to prevent her hair from getting damaged and look stylish, nonetheless. Jessie explained that a hairdresser once told her that she has “successful” hair, that is, tresses that are damaged because they are styled too often. Her hair had already started to develop split ends from blow-drying it every day, so Jessie was forced to resort to wigs to keep her mane healthy.

Unlike many other celebrities who prefer not to talk about their lives, Jessie J was always very open about her sexual preferences. According to her, love should not be gender-bound and bisexual people shouldn’t feel ashamed about their preferences because this is what makes people behave strangely. Jessie J was recently involved in a relationship with a woman and told Glamour reporters that people around her were comfortable with her bisexuality because she was, too. In the end, the artist declared that she prefers to be honest because she doesn’t want people to talk about her sexuality more than they talk about her music.

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