Is It Worth Investing In Gold? Gryphon Gold Thinks So

Gold prices went sky-high since the economic recession was officially declared in 2008. Given these circumstances, companies like Gryphon Gold Corporation are making efforts to bring the best experts on their teams and invest in the excavation of the precious metal, Reuters reports.

Investors were surprised in the summer of 2008 to see that the price for gold ounce had exceeded $1,000. Investing in gold seemed to be the most profitable business, especially since costs continued to grow. In July 2011, another all-time record was set as the gold ounce price jumped to $1,900. A small decrease has been registered since then, but analysts claim the trend should not scare investors; quite the opposite, those who can afford to make investments in the precious metal should take advantage of the somewhat smaller prices.

Gryphon Gold Corporation, a company that is specialized in gold exploration, development, and production, has foreseen the positive evolution of the gold market and decided to make a proficuous change in its board of directors. They have thus, invited William B. Goodhard to join the Company’s Board as an independent director knowing that he will be of great benefit for the corporation.

William B. Goodhard has worked in the industry of gold mining for more than 35 years and is perfectly aware of what the company needs in order to expand its business. Marvin K. Kaiser, Chairman of the Board of Gryphon Gold revealed that the company has numerous goals set for their Borealis Property in USA, Nevada and hopes Goodhard will help achieve them. They decided to get him on board of the company because he is trained and experienced enough to supervise all the phases of their projects.

William was equally excited about his future collaboration with Gryphon. He told reporters that he was pleasantly surprised to see that the corporation has evolved so much in the past years and is looking forward to share his experience with the rest of the board.

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