Is Definitive Technology W Studio Micro worth the money?

The new Definitive Technology W Studio Micro comes at an expensive price. So, why should customers buy a sound bar that comes at a high price, if the market offers other alternatives at a cheaper cost? 

Well, the new Definitive Technology W Studio Micro comes with an improved styling. What does that mean? This new sound bar uses wood and metals instead of the plastic material that other sound bars are made of. The great advantage of a sound bar is that it is much sleeker than other separate systems, meaning that it takes less space.

The new Definitive Technology W Studio Micro is available at the cost of 899 dollars. Yes, this is not a very affordable price, but it is made of real wood and metal, meaning that it offers a very premium look.

Moreover, it also has many other features that are not usually found on a single sound bar. So, the device comes with a multiroom music system from DTS, also known as Play-Fi. This is an interesting new feature that can probably be compared with the feature that allows users to control their device from tablets or phones, but they need compatible Play-Fi gear to take advantage.

So, even if it has interesting new features and an incredible design, made from premium materials, this new sound bar probably costs too much. This means that for a lower price, customers could buy other sound bars that sound good and come with an attractive design, for example Yamaha’s receivers. However, this doesn’t mean that this sound bar doesn’t need a chance. For customers who doesn’t have a limited budget, the new Definitive Technology W Studio Micro can be a good decision. Without a doubt, its incredible design will look great in every living room.

The wireless subwoofer is really attractive, featuring a simple and clean design, with a large “D” logo situated down below. As for the remote control, it also comes with a great design and a rubberized, black finish. Its buttons are very responsive, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a backlit feature. 

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