Is Cher Dead?

The pop icon was victim to another death hoax planned by social network users, says the Associated Press. A fast spreading rumor made Twitter users wonder whether Cher was dead or not on the night between Thursday and Friday, says Huffington Post.

Is Cher Dead?The discussion started from a Twitter post saying “RIP Cher” which was quickly spread across the Internet. The singer’s reps were quick to respond saying that Cher is alive and well. According to their declarations, the “I Got You Babe” interpreter has fallen victim to a death hoax.

This technique is now often used on the Internet to draw people’s attention. There have been many other celebrities that were declared dead, thus becoming trending topics. Rihanna, for instance, was “killed” earlier this month by a rumor saying that the artist passed away in a plane crash.

Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi and Mick Hucknall were other public personas who have had untrue news of their demise splashed across the site. In 1966, there was an urban legend according to which, Paul McCartney died and was replaced by one of his lookalikes.

Although we have seen him in various movies and shows, Facebook continues to hold a RIP Jackie Chan page. Unlike Chan who completely ignores these rumors, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is determined to protect his life. He wrote on his Twitter account that he would love to meet the persons who started rumors about his death. This way, Johnson would show them how “a dead foot feels up their ass”.

Much to his female fans’ despair, Taylor Lautner, who is known for his part in the Twilight saga, was declared death last year. The Twitter post, of course, said that the young and, healthy-looking (I must say) actor died from a cocaine overdose. Lautner may be a vampire/werewolf on the big screen, but in the real world, there is no way he could have starred in “Abduction” and “Breaking Dawn” once he was dead.

As upsetting as these rumors may be for us, celebrities won’t do anything to prevent them in the future. I guess nothing shows you how many fans you have like a good ol’ fake death.

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