Is Apple TV 3.0.1 Update Working?

Last week, Apple released an update for its Apple TV 3 device after numerous customers complained about flawed synchronization. The update was not as good as people were expecting it to be because the problems persisted even after its installation, CNET News reports.

Apple has finally agreed to pay attention to its customers’ complaints. The iPhone maker decided to release the first update for its third generation of digital media receiver after clients pointed out various synchronization issues between items on Apple TV and those on iTunes. According to Apple TV 3 owners, the device is not always booting, the HDMI connectivity is flaky and some content may be missing after synchronization.

Analysts working at CNET News think the best way to make the update work is to correctly perform the installation. They provided a list of useful tricks you may use in order to determine the device to recognize the update. First, you must turn the device off and let it rest for a couple of minutes until you plug it in and turn it on again.

Try to re-establish the connection between your Apple TV device and your computer by deleting all synchronized computers and re-adding them. For that, you must restart your device after you have deleted the computer from Apple settings. Once the digital media receiver has started you may proceed to save the computer in the list of settings.

A new computer account may turn out just as useful when you are dealing with a stubborn update. The firewall can sometimes prevent the update from doing its job, so it is recommended to turn it off in order to connect to the system.

The last solution you may resort to in order to avoid update problems is to perform a full restore. Make sure you remove all computers connected in the device’s settings before you shut down and unplug the Apple TV to power-cycle it. You may now quit iTunes, plug Apple TV and start it again. By now, you should be able to download and apply the update by following the instructions provided by the update settings. Once the download is complete, you can re-launch iTunes and add the computer to the Apple TV device.


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