Jailbreak iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S/4 iOS 6.1 Untethered Software Released

Ironclad Integrity Unlimited Ltd in collaboration with is currently developing an in-house iPhone 5 jailbreak project. The company announced via its website new status updates for the jailbreak development project.

The new iOS 6 jailbreak software for iPhone 5/4S/4 delivers 200 new features that are surely enticing, even for the user who is interested particularly in a jailbreak. Many users have become anxious waiting for the release of a public untethered jailbreak code, particularly following several scams and teasers that led nowhere. Over the past few weeks there were several developers announcing progress with jailbreaking iOS6, and now iJailbreakiPhone5s’ team is joining them with similar news. and Ironclad Integrity began their first collaboration with a team of iPhone jailbreak developers earlier this year and it didn’t take them long to record actual progress. Recent updates published via the company website inform about new exploits found in iOS 6 and iPhone 5 that makes possible the installation of a jailbreak. For the moment, the jailbreak team is testing the code before the public release which is expected to be set sometimes in the upcoming days.

iJailbreakiPhone5s’s developers took into account all possibilities to get the jailbreak code installed on iPhone 5, including trying to bypass Apple’s new security protocols that restricted access to the bootrom. Previous jailbreaks worked on iPhones thanks to exploits found in the device’s bootrom, but Apple’s enhanced security forced hackers to look for hacks elsewhere.

“Apple’s A5 devices combined with iOS 6 are making it almost impossible for hackers to access the bootrom, making most of our efforts pointless” said one of the developers in the iJailbreakiPhone5s team. And he’s not the only one, as Limera1n developers have stated in an interview with TechCrunch earlier this year. “The bootrom has been getting smaller and smaller, but we can’t even get a dump of it right now. Even if we get code controlling the entire phone running, like we do, we can’t see the bootrom” Wang explained last month.

Despite the slow progress with the iOS 6 iPhone 5 jailbreak, users remain interested in the fix that will give them access to apps not in App Store, as well as customized themes and several other perks.

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iPhone 5 owners are anxious about the release of the iOS 6 jailbreak, but might be cautious in regards with the actual functionality and quality. iJailbreakiPhone5s is a website that aims to keep iPhone owners inform of the most successful jailbreak methods, as well as explain every step of the process. The website also features regular Apple news, discount alerts, app and accessory reviews and a Q&A section, where tech experts answer iPhone owners’ bug reports and errors.

iJailbreakiPhone5s is currently developing the first in-house project, with a team of reputable developers with a long time experience in iOS jailbreaks and overall iPhone functionality. The website delivers constant progress notifications as well as jailbreak tutorials for all previous iPhone smartphones and iOS versions.

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