iPod Nano 16 Gb Review And Price Comparison Released by Find My Price

Social Media Monthly, the only print magazine dedicated to social media strategies, has awarded Find My Price for presenting the most accurate price reports during the holiday season.

Find My Price, a new online company dedicated to technical reviews, received the award for the most accurate website on behalf of Social Media Monthly. The print magazine published a chart of the best websites and Find My Price landed on the first spot due to its professional tech reviews and its detailed price comparisons.

There are many offers and deals on the website, but editors at Social Media Monthly were particularly attracted by the description of Apple’s 7th generation of iPod Nano 16 GB. Find My Price managed to compile the best price report after studying the offers available at the majority of the online retailers. The hottest deal comes from Amazon where the Mp3 Player is sold for $149.00.

Find My Price recommends visitors to purchase the 16 GB version of iPod Nano because it has been improved with many advanced features. The multi-touch display of the Mp3 player gives users the possibility to easily stream music and video files, whereas the 2.5” screen is more appropriate for entertainment activities.

The recommendation was not the only aspect that determined Social Media Monthly to name Find My Price the best tech website, but rather the objective review they made for the 7th generation iPod. The editors acknowledged that Apple’s Mp3 Player is expensive in comparison with other similar products, but they, nevertheless, agree that the built-in pedometer and the Bluetooth 4.0 options make it a good product for fitness practitioners.

“We all need a helping hand to distinguish between the numerous gadgets available on the market,” Michael Smith, a returning visitor on Find My Price, has stated. “The information provided by the website was very useful. I didn’t know whether Google’s Nexus tablet was worth purchasing or not, but the review on Find My Price has helped me make up my mind,” he further added.

“We were very pleased with the honor we received from Social Media Monthly,” has responded John Colston, the spokesperson of Find My Price. “Our company doesn’t regard itself as a tech website, but rather an adviser for tech-related issues. It gives us great pleasure to serve our visitors with the most accurate reviews, with new deals and offers and to guide them with our pro and con articles,” Colston concluded.


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