iPhones prone to spontaneous combustions

Many more Apple customers complain about the new iPhone 4. Judging by the latest announcement published on CNET News, iPhones seem to be prone to spontaneous combustions. Read more to find out what made analysts reach this conclusion.

This is the second week reporters receive news about an iPhone 4 combustion. The first episode took place last week on an Australian plane. According to the declarations of several onlookers, the device began smoking and sizzling as the flight came into land. Later on, a report from Brazil stated that a woman risked getting severely injured when her iPhone caught fire in its charging socket.

According to the Brazilian owner, Ayta Mota, the phone was 15 centimeters away from her face when it began emitting smoke and sparks. By the time the Brazilian woman unplugged the device from the charging socket, the iPhone 4 was already ruined. 

This incident is very similar to the small explosion described by people on the Australian flight. Based on their statements, a very thick smoke was emitted by the iDevice and then, a red glow appeared. The flight attendants followed the instructions and they extinguished the smoking and glowing phone.

Apple did not make any comments to explain what caused the two iPhones to catch fire. Analysts think the battery is to blame for these incidents as it is a well-known fact that these devices have flawed batteries. The press expects the IT company to advise clients what to do in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Until Steve Jobs’ company decides to make an official announcement about these events, specialists advise people to be very careful with their iPhones. Don’t place the phone near heat sources or other electricity generators because the latter can cause the device to catch fire. Given what happened to the woman in Brazil, you might want to consider charging the iPhone in an area that is not too close to you or other people.

Make sure the guarantee scheme can pay for your loss in case your iPhone combusts. Ayla Mota was not able to recover her money because she had bought the iPhone in France and the Brazil warranty did not cover products acquired in another country.


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