iPhone: Top 5 GPS apps for your iPhone

Smartphones have been purposefully created to make people’s lives easier while they’re on the road. These devices have been endowed with so many options that users can leave all the other gadgets at home without being afraid that they will miss them in a given situation.

GPS applications are perfect for people who like to travel a lot, but they totally loathe the fact that they have to carry a second device with them. Not all GPS apps for iPhones have the same characteristics; therefore, we have chosen the five most popular programs based on a set of given criteria. The following GPS apps are the only ones that can provide up-to-date maps, clear instructions, traffic information and safety features.

1. Garmin USA has finally released a smartphone application to the satisfaction of its customers. The program has been elected as the best application for this category of products because it has been provided with offline maps, turn-by-turn directions, 3D landmarks, lane assist features and speed limit alerts. Customers who have used this device before may find the free version less complex than the real GPS gadget. Even so, the application will do its job better than any other iOS-based program.

2. Magellan RoadMate was designed to meet the needs of people who don’t travel only by car, but also on foot. The program includes a pedestrian mode which is perfect when you are in an unknown city and you want to quickly find hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Magellan was also endowed with text to speech, 3D buildings, lane assistance, and in app music control.

3. TomTom is one of the few GPS applications that are updated with the most recent map versions. In addition, the maps may be viewed without mobile signal or data plan. One unique feature that may be found on TomTom is the option of navigating to photo, that is, the images contained in the iPhone gallery may be used to select your destination.

4. MotionX GPS Drive is the fourth most appreciated application. The program contains more or less the same options as the previously mentioned GPS apps. The only difference between them is the price because MoxionX represents the best quality-price choice.

5. If you are looking for a basic application that doesn’t require a monthly fee, you should probably choose iGo My Way. Although the display is rather basic, the application also includes 3D graphics which makes it easier for drivers to determine their location. 

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