Apple Is Looking for a Creative Writer to Make Siri Funnier

Tech companies like Apple and Google must be the coolest companies to work for and while some job positions might seem boring, when it comes to product used actively by billions of people worldwide, it’s safe to say this is a thrilling work environment. Take for instance, the latest job offer from Apple, a creative writer to make Siri funnier and wittier.

According to, Siri the voice assistant is one of Apple’s biggest incentives to buy the newest devices. Giving the buyer a tech assistant that reacts to requests and finds things via voice control for the user is something people have been dreaming about since the first sci-fi movie. But Siri is constantly just a third of what such a digital personal assistant could actually do.

The current day Siri is not exactly a tech innovation, but it does show potential. A study found that 57 percent of 1000 respondents feel they have a “personal connection
with their phone but when it came to their digital personal assistants, there was a lot they wanted to get customized. 60 percent of respondents want their digital assistant to be “matter-of-fact”, 50 percent want it to be funny, less than third want a sassy one and 3 percent opted for one that is “nagging in nature”.

That’s why Apple decided to give her a revamp towards a wittier, funnier and more real version. 9to5Mac recently posted about a new job listing posted by Apple on the company website for a creative writer/editor to enhance Siri’s personality. Good news are not over because Apple decided to offer FaceTime over Cellular Available for All Data Plans.

The company is looking for a “uniquely creative” writer or editor with “a love for language, wordplay, and conversation” with “demonstrated experience in bringing creative content to life within an intense technical environment”. The task is to “develop and write original dialog” “refresh and refine existing Siri dialog” and “evolve Siri as distinct, recognizable character”.

“Siri is known for ‘her’ wit” wrote Apple in its posting, but the wish is for her to be able to “explain things in engaging, funny and practical ways”.

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