New iPhone 5 Battery Case From Mophie

A new iPhone 5 battery case was released by the producer of smartphone accessories, Mophie. The battery pack is called Juice Pack Air and it is meant to prolong the life of iPhone 5 devices, according to the company’s statement.

Mophie has made a reputation out of producing new accessories that can improve the performance of new devices. iPhone 5 is the latest smartphone that needs to have its battery life prolonged, so Mophie created a new line of accessories named Juice Pack Air.

This is the second battery case that the company has produced so far for iPhone 5. The first one was Juice Pack Helium, which has made a good impression on customers due to its very light and thin design. Ross Howe, the vice president of the marketing department at Mophie, declared that engineers have spent a long period of time designing and testing the juice pack family of products. He further added that the company wanted to prove customers with the launching of the new battery case that they have many more innovations up their sleeve for iPhone 5.

Juice Pack Air is not only easy to use with iPhone 5, but it also offers advanced performance for Apple’s smartphone. The battery life is almost doubled due to the 1700 mAH that come along with the battery. It also increases the protection of the device due to its hard case, even though it is 10% thinner than the previous model. Getting access to the main phone buttons has never been easier before because the battery pack has been purposefully designed to allow the buttons to pass through it.

The Juice Pack Air is available at Mophie’s online store for only $99.95. It is available in three colors: black, glossy white and metallic red, so customers can choose the one that is more appropriate for their iPhone 5.

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