iPhone 6S Plus, is bigger better?

Probably, most customers are not loving really big phones, but when it comes the iPhone 6S Plus, do they think the same? Numbers have shown that over the past year, many users have switched from an iPhone 6 to a 6 Plus. Will they do the same this year? Switching to iPhone 6S Plus? 

For starters, it is important to know which are the main differences between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Well, obviously, it has a larger screen, a bigger battery and a higher resolution. The iPhone 6S Plus also serves as a great attraction for customers who are seeking for a larger phone, especially for phablets fans.

Those who had already switched to the iPhone 6S Plus declared that they really love the phone and the bigger size has turned into a big surprise to them. Even if it has a near-tablet feel, this phone is perfect for videos, games and Web browsing. 

However, when it comes to using it just for its phone attributes, this device will probably not be so comfortable. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are looking exactly the same as last year’s models, except for some advantages on the larger model. The new iPhone 6S Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display, instead of the 4.7-inch on the smaller model, but it features that identical camera sensor and resolution. 

As it was earlier mentioned, probably for those who are seeking for a larger phone, the new iPhone 6S Plus will not be too big after all. There is nothing wrong with using a 5.5-inch screen model, but Apple has introduced this screen into a phone that has a larger top and bottom bezel compared to many other phones. This means that iPhone 6S Plus is probably bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Nexus 6. Well, the width and length of this phone will definitely make a difference on the user’s pocket. 

However, one thing is sure. The battery life of the iPhone 6S Plus is way better than the one of the smaller model. The company declared that this battery will last over a regular day of use.

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