iPhone 6 to Feature Sapphire Display

The release of the iPhone 6 is one of the most debated events at the moment. The iPhone 6 is without a doubt an expected device, so everyone is interested in finding out what this new smartphone will feature. 

Well, new reports indicate that the upcoming iPhone will be released by Apple at the event the famous company is planning for September 9. Some reports indicate that at this event Apple will actually introduce two new iPhones. On one hand, the famous smartphone maker will present an iPhone with a 4.7 inch screen, while on the other hand Apple will introduce a 5.5 inch model. 

Well, when it comes to the features of the new device, it has been said that Apple will introduce the sapphire display in its iPhone 6. So, the new display might be presented in just one week. However, there are numerous opinions on what the new display will bring. Some analysts say that the sapphire display will actually add an extra cost to the new iPhone. 

So, sapphire is really expensive to produce and this might mean a $100 increase to the cost of the new iPhone. However, Apple has always tried to introduce on the market strong, scratch resistant screens, so maybe the company will once again put its bet on quality, even though this might mean higher costs. 

Analysts also say that the sapphire display will bring an important benefit to customers when it comes to the resistance of the screen, which can be really important. The durability and resistance to scratches of such a display will actually make it pointless for users to have screen protectors. After all, sapphire is the toughest substance out there. 

The usage of sapphire is not actually new in the production of the iPhone. In fact, sapphire is currently used on the home button’s fingerprint scanner, but also on the cover for the built-in camera. Well, if this great technology will be used in the new iPhone, Apple will actually address one of the main issues that customers have when it comes to smartphones: screens break easily when dropped on the ground. It is yet to see at which cost will come this feature. 

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