iPhone 6 to be a huge Success in China

Apple fans in China should be happy to find out that they can now purchase the brand new iPhone 6. After weeks of waiting for the new device to be available on the Chinese market, it finally is here. Many Apple fans are eager to get the new iPhone in China, so it has actually been claimed that the latest smartphone will turn out being a huge success in this country. 

Apple was allowed to sale its phones on the Chinese market after assuring the government that their smartphones do not contain loopholes for US agencies. What Apple had to do was to ensure the government that their products are safe enough to be sold in this country.

The pre-order of the new iPhone started in China on October 10, Apple revealing that the latest iPhone will be available for shipment on October 17. The famous tech giant also revealed that the number of pre-orders is experiencing an amazing growth. Over one million pre-orders have been registered only in the first six hours. 

Reports reveal that more than 9 million reservations have been made on Apple’s China site. Most of the pre-orders made till now were for the iPhone 6 Plus. However, this is no surprise for Apple, which actually expected to have a great success in China. After all, the company was extremely interested to receive all the needed approvals to enter the Chinese market. 

Well, the new iPhone will not only reach China at this point, but it will also be available in India. Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have also started to be great in this country. Apple has decided to partner with numerous online retailers, including Amazon and Flipkart, to ensure all the demands are met. 

In China, the new iPhone 6 is available in three color options, including gold, silver and gray. The device will come at a suggested retail price of 5,288 yaun, which is about $860.16. This is the price range for the cheapest iPhone model, with 16GB storage capacity. The iPhone 6 Plus will cost 6,088 yuan, about $990.29. 

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