iPhone 6 Photos Leaked: Is this the Upcoming iPhone?

It is not yet certain if they are real or not, but the pics of the upcoming iPhone 6 are almost everywhere. Analysts say that the iPhone 6 leaked pictures have certain design features that make them believe that this might be the upcoming iPhone. 

The photos have leaked when reports still indicate that the upcoming iPhone is now in tests. MacRumors reveals that at this point no one can say for sure if the pics show the legitimate iPhone 6 or they are actually fakes.

What is certain is that the pictures were first obtained by MacRumors from an anonymous source via the highly famous social network Twitter. 

Soon after the pics were published, they almost invaded the Internet, being now posted on a series of blogs. Well, after receiving these pics, MacRumors went to perform a test with the purpose to find out what are the specs of the device featured in the photos.

It found that the photos show a phone that is 4.7 inches, while iPhone 5S is only 4 inches. However, this is not a surprise, as it has been rumored for months that Apple plans on releasing a new iPhone that will feature a wider screen. The phone in the pics is estimated to be 2.3 inches wide, such as the current iPhone 5S. 

The device shown in these leaked photos seems to be thinner, too, compared with the existing iPhone models. Once again, rumors on the release of a new iPhone indicated that the device will be a slimmer model compared to previous iPhone generations. 

The release of the new iPhone, believed to be iPhone 6, is without a doubt one of the most expected launches of the year. The device is expected to be great, rumors revealing that the upcoming iPhone will feature a sapphire glass display, as well as a bezel-free design. 

While most speculation indicated that the new iPhone will come with a 4.7 inch display, some recent rumors claim that the device will actually feature a quite large 5.5 or even 5.7 inches display. Well, if the pics are accurate and this is how the new iPhone will look is something yet to find out. 

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