iPhone 6 Leaked Photos are Fake

If only yesterday reports revealed that the some photos of the new iPhone 6 were leaked, now it seems that they are fakes. So, despite the excitement created among Apple fans, the iPhone 6 leaked photos are not real. 

What everyone believed to be the first peek into the next iPhone actually were just some photos created by talented designer Marin Hajek. The pics were first shared by Sonny Dickson, a frequent hardware leaker, who claimed that they come from an anonymous source, who leaked them on Twitter. 

The fact that the pics are fake has been revealed by a member of the Reddit community, who analyzed the pictures and found that they cannot be authentic. 

The photos featured what was thought to be the iPhone 6, as well as certain features that have been rumored to be part of the new Apple release, which is expected this year. 

The design in the photos showed a larger display phone with no bezel on the side. This is exactly what previous reports revealed when it comes to what the new iPhone will feature. 

So, many rumors indicated that Apple is willing to release two lager iPhone models this year. It is claimed that the company will launch both a 4.7 inches and a 5.7 inches phone. 

The photos that allegedly showed the way the new iPhone 6 will look have spread on the Internet in just a few hours. They managed to reach numerous websites, forums and social networks, as people believed that this is what the new iPhone will look. 

And there is no shock in that as the photos seemed real, actually corresponding with many rumors on the way the new iPhone was going to look. Naturally, everyone assumed that they are authentic. 

However, now it seems that Apple fans will have to wait until they will be able to see how the new iPhone will look. It is expected for Apple to release such a new device this year. Maybe the new iPhone will be out sooner than what we expect, so it is yet to discover how this amazing product will look like after all.

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