iPhone 5 Could Sell 250 Million Units

From the looks of it Apple is bound to keep the headlines of the gadget world. Latest news says that the iPhone 5 could sell 250 million units, giving Apple another successful project to brag about.

Craig Berger, FBR Capital analyst, says Apple’s iPhone 5 could be the biggest thing that ever happened for Steve Jobs’ pride. According to Berger who is covering the chip sector, he states that the iPhone 5 could generate profits of over $50 per unit during its lifetime on the market.

The new iPhone from Apple is expected to be a huge success by other analysts too. In fact a Piper Jaffray analyst believes the Apple iPhone 5 will sell 26 million to 28 million devices in the first quarter of September alone. Moreover, if Apple plans a presale in September, the number of sold iPhone 5 units could go even higher.

Another sign that Apple is still taking up the ranks, is that although they are making tons of cash, they still fell short on projects. Is this just a run for the cash or do they really have the capacity of taking it higher at such a fast rhythm?

Craig Berger, FBR Capital analyst says that the 250 million iPhone units sold could also boost up software and chip names as Qualcomm and Fairchild Semiconductor. According to Berger, Qualcomm could grow to $15 to $18 per unit, which is far more than on iPhone 4S which brought them only $8 profit per unit.

Analysts say that Apple could sell 250 million iPhone 5 units and this will be great news not only for the world’s top gadget developer but for the Apple product sellers in the U.S such as AT&T or Sprint. Also chip makers could take the moment to better their edge as the chip business plays such a big part in Apple’s new project.

If expectations for Apple’s iPhone 5 prove accurate, then the company might just top Wall Street estimates. The company had a hard time over the past quarters, falling short of projections as most buyers are still waiting for iPhone 5. But with analysts depicting the upcoming iPhone as “the largest consumer electronics product upgrade in history” chances are Apple’s going to have a very lucrative season.

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