iPhone 5 Could Feature LTE Connectivity

CNET News reports that iPhone 5 could feature LTE connectivity, based on a recent photo that was leaked on the Internet. The image shows a slightly modified motherboard and analysts think the new smartphone could be totally different than what we have seen so far.

Many photos have been released in the past months giving birth to numerous suppositions in relation to the aspect and the features of the new iPhone 5. The most recent image leaked on the Internet hasn’t been confirmed by the company, but analysts think it could be the closest to the real thing.

The picture displays a slightly modified motherboard, so customers should expect the new smartphone version from Apple to be highly improved from the previous ones. The first difference that analysts have noticed is the fact that there are many more antenna connections on the iPhone 5 motherboard in comparison with the ones on iPhone 4S. There is but one explanation for this: Apple might have decided to make the switch from 3G to LTE connectivity.

The digitizer, too, has been modified, according to experts. This confirms, in their opinion, the fact that Apple’s new smartphone will have a bigger screen than the previous models. This change is vital considering that the other smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, has produced increasingly bigger devices.

Saving space is the motto of the century and Apple is determined to stick to it. For that, the company has decided to reduce the size of the SIM slot and this difference is once again noticeable in the newly leaked picture. Customers who will want to purchase iPhone 5 will most likely have to use a new SIM card that is compatible with the smaller slot. In fact, the new nano-SIM introduced by Apple was accepted by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute several months ago. It is indeed 40% smaller than the usual cards, so customers could save some space if they decide to use them.

Some speculations have been made in relation to the release date of the new iPhone. It is believed that the smartphone will be announced on September 12 and launched on September 21. None of the specified dates have been confirmed by Apple.

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