Top iPhone 5 External Battery Cases Review

New iPhone 5 cases are released every day, so classifications keep on changing. We have decided to introduce five new models of cases for customers to be able to choose the ones that are more appropriate for them, based on a new report published by CNET News.

1. Ballistic Hard Core. It is the latest iPhone 5 case released on the market from Ballistic. The company is renowned for the tough models they normally produce, the most durable one being the Hard Core prototype. In spite of the rough material that is used in the production of this case, the manufacturer has provided a series of shades and colors that seem to brighten the looks of the cases. This model is perfect for very active people, who practice sports because it is the only case that will protect the smartphone from getting damaged. There are other models produced by this company, as well, but those who want to purchase Ballistic Hard Core will have to spend around $60.

2. Belkin Flex. The model that Belkin produced for Apple’s latest smartphone, that is, Belkin Flex, it is a rather basic cover for the phone. It does not offer increased protection or some useful features, but it has been provided with a beautiful design. The case could most likely appeal to students and young consumers as it comes in many colors and the two-pack costs only $20. In case you are looking for a more resistant case, you can opt for Belkin’s “Shields”, which are available in numerous pastel colors.

3. Camalen Wallet Snap. Camalen has made a reputation of producing upscale covers for iPhone 4 and 4S models. A similar cover will soon be available for iPhone 5; the model has a shell cover made out of leather which may be used to deposit various items, depending on the user’s needs. The outer layer of leather is almost unnoticeable because it adheres to the phone case. The Camalen Wallet Snap is available in four colors and it may be bought for $89.

4. Case-Mate. Numerous cases from the Case-Mate company have been made available in the past months. These covers are easy to distinguish due to their artistic designs. Artistry Woods, for instance, has a wood-back design that prevents the phone from getting scratched and it also confers a vintage look. There is a tough case, as well, that has been provided with three levels of protection.

5. Cygnette. The fifth most appreciated iPhone 5 cases are the ones produced by Cygnette, given the numerous users who choose to buy them. Cygnette has a wide selection of covers that are sleek and urban.

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