iPhone 4S comes to China

Apple’s spokespersons announced on Wednesday that iPhone 4S will soon come to China and 21 other countries. Thanks to the latest events, customers will be able to easily find the popular smartphone in the areas where they live. On the other hand, the company will also register a significant increase of its budget now that its market has expanded.

Everybody is familiar with the long-time battle that has been going on between Apple and its competitor, Samsung. As a consequence, the news that iPhone 4S is now available in China and 21 additional countries is incredibly positive for the Silicon Valley giant.

The Android operating system is much more appreciated by customers than the iOS, according to the data presented by the recent statistics. As a matter of fact, the Android operating system has long surpassed the market shares of its competitor. Given these circumstances, it is obligatory for Apple to sell its products in as many countries as possible in order to preserve its leading position.

While customers seem to prefer Android to other operating systems, the situation is a lot different when it comes to smartphones. Thanks to the recent publicity that Apple has gained during its former CEO Steve Jobs’ funeral, iPhones have become increasingly more popular among customers. This is the reason why iPhones in general and iPhone 4S in particular are better sold than other similar products.

Apple will publish the results of its fiscal first quarter on January 24. Analysts believe the availability of the iPhone 4S on the Chinese market, as well as other 21 foreign markets, will influence the fiscal results of the first quarter.

The Silicon Valley giant has already lost great part of its customers because they were disappointed with the new iPhone 4S model. Since the new model is not much different than the previous one, customers have decided to wait until a more efficient iPhone version will be put on the market. Despite this, Apple declared in October that more than 4 million smartphone units were sold during the first three days after the launch.

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