iPad: Reasons why you absolutely have to have an iPad tablet

Let’s say you have recently bought a device, but the new iPad 2 tablets have left you mouth-watering and you can’t find a way to convince your girlfriend/wife to let you purchase one. She will most likely reject the idea by telling you that you already bought a smartphone, so why do you need a tablet anyway? After all, they both do pretty much the same thing. While tablets can fulfill more or less the same activities as smartphones, there are, however, several unique features justifying your need to get an iPad.

Unlike smartphones, tablets have a wider screen, thus, making it easier for the user to read books and navigate on the Internet. Your partner may find your sudden appetite for reading a little bit strange, but you can always remind her of all the books she bought from online stores and never read them because the PC screen was too big, while the smartphone display was too small.

If this might help, you can blame your lack of interest for books on the boring paper versions. Who wants to read perishable volumes, anyway? Thanks to the new tablet, you will be able to make all the annotations you need without ruining your partner’s favorite novels.

If you are like most guys we know, you probably made your partner listen to music on your smartphone thousands of times before. I’m sure by now she has already noticed that the quality sound is not as good as with other special devices. Tablets, on the other hand, were mainly designed for entertainment purposes, so you and your partner can watch movies and listen to music even when you are not at home. In fact, this is the perfect device to take with you on your weekend getaways. In case this argument is not enough, you can always emphasize the importance of keeping children busy on the road while you travel on long distances. She may ask ‘what children?’, but that shouldn’t intimidate you; adoption is a small price to pay for an iPad.

The battery that comes with the new iPad tablets has a longer life; therefore, you can explain your better half that the tablet will make it easier for you to fulfill your job tasks. This pretext always works and we guarantee you she will never guess you plan on spending every day playing World of Warcraft.

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