Mozilla Demands Looser iOS Browser Rules For Firefox

In an interview with reporters at CNET News, vice president Jay Sullivan stated that Mozilla will not sign an agreement with Apple Inc. until their iOS browser rules are not loosened. The creation of the Firefox browser has been hindered by the strict regulations that the iPhone maker has imposed for third party browsers.

Apple and Mozilla have been in talks over the Firefox browser for a long time. Just as customers were expecting iPads and iPhones to get the new Mozilla browser, negotiations have reached a dead end. The misunderstandings between the two companies seem to arise from the strict rules that Apple imposes to third-party browsers.

Based on the iPhone maker’s rules, browsers that do not use Apple’s version of WebKit cannot be used on iOS devices. Mozilla, on the other hand, claims this rule is highly restrictive because it prevents its developers from building a correct version of the Firefox browser. Moreover, iOS users cannot resort to non-Safari apps to handle browsing, even though the application is the best mobile browser at present.

The Firefox Home App has been available in Apple’s store until September 2012. Mozilla decided to withdraw its program from the manufacturer’s store as a result of the various misunderstandings between them. Mozilla’s vice president, Jay Sullivan further added that the company has no intentions of creating a Firefox version for iOS devices because Apple is trying to limit their production. The phenomenon was described by David Dehghan from Dolphin Browser as “inhibiting competition”.

In their opinion, the efforts that Apple is making to diminish the power of its rivals have negative consequences on customers, who cannot benefit of the best products. Competition is the key element that allows consumers to get as many options as possible; without it, the mobile web would not be able to evolve because companies do not struggle to offer improved software. As a result, Mozilla is not willing to cooperate with Apple until their regulations are not modified to everyone’s best interest.

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