iPad Retina Display Pics Leaked on Chinese Forum

A new series of pics illustrating the iPad Retina Display was leaked on a Chinese forum giving analysts more subjects to debate in relation to the appearance of Apple’s future tablet. According to CNET News, the new tablet case could be somewhat thicker than its predecessor, which led to many more suppositions.

Apple is every editor’s nightmare; not a day goes by without a rumor or photo being leaked by various websites and forums. The company can, thus, promote its products, trigger customers’ curiosity and yet, pretend they have nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, tech reporters and editors are left with the dreadful responsibility of getting some meaning out of every word-of-mouth and make it look like a genuine news article.

This time it is a Chinese forum that claims they have discovered the mystery behind the upcoming iPad tablet. Those who have actually bothered to take a look at the pics claim the iPad Mini rear casing that has been illustrated on the forum may come from the new generation of tablets. Their only argument: the Apple logo and the “iPad” word have been written in blue instead of black or silver as they normally did until now. Splitting hair experts have found another “amazing” difference between the current iPad and the potentially new one – the casing appears thicker than the previous one. Now, hungry tech analysts can rack their brains in search of new suppositions for the following two weeks and Apple can rest assure that its products enjoy lots of visibility.

According to Apple’s consumers, the thicker appearance of the casing could indicate that the new generation of tablets is going to be provided with Retina Display. This rumor has been discussed on other occasions, as well, but people seem to need constant reassurance about an insignificant change in the design that Apple uses for its products. The only surprising news would be for Apple to release a tablet that is actually different than its previous devices, not just several inches taller or thicker. So far, it seems the highly-improved Retina display is going to be the ONLY element distinguishing iPad Mini 2 from its predecessor, so let’s not ruin Apple’s future launching event by guessing the surprise feature.

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