Engraved iPads Offered By Apple For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer, so many companies, including Apple, have started to promote their new campaigns. The iPhone maker decided to allow their customers to express their love for their better halves by ordering engraved iPads on their online store.

iPads are much like Valentine Day’s cards, an analogy that helped Apple set the grounds for its new campaign. The IT giant will reward customers who order an iPad by February 14 with a free engraving offer and signature gift-wrapping service. Thus, lovers can confess their feelings towards a person by writing romantic messages on the back of their iPads and even more customers can now jailbreak iPad 2 or jailbreak ipad 3 and ipad 4 using the Jailbreak iPad iOS Tutorials .

iPad and iPad mini are not the only products that have been included in the promotion; Apple offers the same services to customers who order iPod Touch and iPod Nano, as well. A red email gift card option is also available on Apple Store for geeky lovers who prefer a less expensive method of showing their affection.

The promotion page features an iPad and an iPad Mini, each one of them displaying half of a heart. The image is accompanied by the message “There’s more than one way to say I love you. Give iPad or iPad Mini”.

Apple has dealt with shipping problems before, so the company has prepared itself for this year’s Valentine’s Day promotion. A special website featuring ordering deadlines was purposefully created for the event, so customers could receive their engraved gifts in time for Valentine’s Day. January 30 and February 5 are the deadlines that Apple has set for standard shipping, based on the product and the service that online customers select.

There are many reasons why iPad should be considered the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but the fact that the device can be jailbroken to obtain unlimited benefits tops them all. There are numerous programs that may be used to break Apple’s original operating system and command the device to act according to your preferences.

Downloading as many apps as you like from Apple Store and third-party websites is possible if you jailbreak the iPad. Non Mp4 videos will be compatible with the tablet once you jailbreak it. Moreover, the desktop of the tablet may be customized to display the information according to the owner’s preferences, whereas the previously downloaded apps will not be affected by the modifications performed on the software.

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