Apple’s iPad falls behind Android tablets

A recent study performed by the research house IDC shows that Apple’s iPad could soon be taken over by tablets and devices running on Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s situation was beginning to look worrisome in the last quarter, but analysts think sales could drop even further now that Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy S IV model on Thursday.

Willing to determine the evolution of Apple iDevices in the following quarters, analysts at Internet Data Corp have performed a market research. The results of the test have shown that customers are more inclined to purchase the smaller tablets offered by Samsung and Amazon because the latter run on Google’s Android OS.

Android has any facilities that Apple’s iOS lacks. Most customers who have tested the iOS have complained about lack of freedom and costly applications. Google’s operating system has been provided, in their opinion with many more useful features that guarantee the good functioning of the device. As a result, Apple could soon lose the leading position it has had since 2010, when the iPad was first introduced on the market.

Experts don’t expect the Cupertino manufacturer to experience lower share prices in the near future. However, the strategy that rivaling companies like Samsung have adopted will pay off on the long run because they offer greater variety and highly improved technologies. As opposed to Apple, Samsung’s tablets are very different from one generation to another, so users feel they have made an upgrade with each device they purchase.

Samsung is getting ready to unveil the fourth generation of Galaxy S smartphones on Thursday. Judging by the description provided by the manufacturer, the new phone will feature even better technologies, so the South Korean company will most likely dominate the smartphone market in the following quarters.

iPhones are  not the only Apple products that are currently losing popularity. Tablets will follow in the footsteps of the iOS-based device very soon, especially since investors are afraid that negative reports about Apple’s situation could further damage the manufacturer’s reputation.

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