Amazing Things Your iPad Can Do: Splitting the Keyboard in Two

There are some tricks that iPad users haven’t discovered yet even though they may be using the tablet for a long period of time. Splitting the keyboard in two is just one of the many amazing things that Apple’s device can perform. Separating the keys in two is not necessary, but it is, nevertheless, a useful option for those who find it easier to write this way. Here are the steps you need to perform to arrange the keyboard in this manner.

First of all you, you need to select the “Split keyboard” option and make sure this feature is On. For this, you have to go to the Settings menu, tap the General tab and enter the Keyboard category. Among the numerous options that will be displayed in this category, you will find “Split Keyboard”.

Next, you can return to the home screen and use any app you may have previously installed on your phone to show the keyboard. Any app works just as well, but we recommend the Safari one for better results.

Now that the keyboard is featured on your screen, you can place your thumbs on each side of the screen and spread your fingertips apart. The keyboard will immediately split in two halves allowing users to better control the keys without making additional effort.

You need not worry that your keyboard will remain split, either, as the two parts can be easily brought back together with just a simple tap of the fingers. Place your fingertips back on the screen again and push the halves on the right and, respectively, the left side of the screen closer to each other.

The “Split keyboard” setting was embedded on the tablet so owners with smaller hands can type faster. Apple has foreseen all these problems, so the iPad comes with many more similar features. If splitting the keyboard is not enough, you can also try to place it on the middle of the screen by undocking it.

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