iPad Mini To Be Launched This Fall

BGR reports that Apple is getting ready to launch a mini version of the iPad this fall. The news has generated numerous rumors in relation to the aspect and the specifications of the new device.

Ever since the first day they were launched, iPhones have stolen all the attention from the rest of the devices, particularly tablets. Smartphones proved to be much more manageable and practical having bigger storing capacity, faster online connection and numerous additional features. No wonder people tossed their tablets aside as soon as they first laid their hands on the all-comprehensive device.

Despite this, Apple is convinced that it is worth investing in tablets, so the company is said to launch the iPad mini by the end of the third quarter. While some of you may be tempted to think that the tablet is gradually metamorphosing into a smartphone, the company reassures everyone that the two products will have different specifications and will be applied for different purposes.

According to Apple, the 7.85-inch iPad will serve the company’s educational purposes and gaming efforts. Manufacturers claim that it will be easier for owners to control the tablet with one hand once they reduce its size. In addition, the company will gain the confidence it needed to compete against its rivals, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet.

The price represents the second reason why people might rush to buy the midget tablet. Apple has announced that consumers will most likely spend between $249 and $299 in exchange of the mini iPad, but new rumors claim that the prices could be a lot smaller. iMore, for instance, stated that the price range of the new tablet will be situated between $200 and $250, that is, $50-100 lower than the previous estimates. In terms of display features, the mini iPad will have the same retina display of iPhone 4S; therefore it will be a combination between iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Apple will be very busy this fall as the company plans to launch iPhone 5 in addition to the mini tablet. Sources claim that the new smartphone might be released earlier as the company would not risk unveiling two major products at the same time.

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