iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 Rumored To Be Released This Fall

iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5, two of the most sold products developed by Apple, were rumored to be released this fall, according to a recent report published by Reuters. Additional details have been provided in relation to the form and the structure of the two devices, along with the possible launching date.

Now that April is almost here and Apple hasn’t announced any launching event, analysts are inclined to think that the release of the two tablets, iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 could take place somewhere in the fall season. The rumor was first released by a reliable Chinese website and was later on, disseminated by new websites in America.

Many of the previous rumors that have been published about Apple’s tablets have been confirmed by more recent articles. iPad 5 could take a totally different form by the time it will be released in late August or early September. iPad Mini 2 will most likely be provided with a Retina Display, the screen that distinguishes Apple’s iGadgets from the rest of the products on the market.

It’s easy to get confused when new rumors are published each day about Apple and its upcoming launches, so here’s a small recap to help you get your thoughts straight. iPad Mini 2 will offer the same image quality as iPad 4 thanks to the Retina Display. iPad 5, on the other hand, will be redesigned to look more like iPad Mini and will feature an aluminum finish. We’re actually surprised to see that developers can still tell which device is which, given the constant comparisons that are being made between the past, the present and the future models released by Apple.

For the moment, these are the only to details you have to remember, namely, that the fifth generation of iPad and the second generation of iPad Mini are due to be released in the months of fall and not spring as it was recently believed. Also, iPad 5 could suffer a total makeover, whereas iPad Mini 2 will present new improved features.

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