iPad: Apple to release a 7.85-inch iPad model

Everyone is making suppositions about the specifications of the new iPad 3, but Apple announced on Wednesday that they will release a 7.85-inch model later this year. The decision was taken after the company noticed that the 7-inch tablet launched by Amazon could become a powerful competitor for the iPad devices.

The spokespersons of the Silicon Valley company did not release too many pieces of information in relation to the new model. Their customers are now expecting to see a larger iPad at the beginning of March 2012. According to the recent rumors, iPad 3 will be slimmer than its iPad 2 predecessors and it will feature a 10-inch display. Many analysts have contested Apple’s decision to release a bigger device given that many customers have chosen the Amazon version which is smaller and, thus, easier to use.

Even though they initially neglected analysts’ reports, the employees of the IT giant seem to realize that a smaller tablet could be useful, too. As a consequence, a 7.85-inch tablet will be released later this year. The model is perfect for people who prefer to be able to use the device with one single hand, instead of two as they would with iPad 2 and iPad 3.

The specifications of the new tablet haven’t been revealed, probably because the company likes to keep people waiting. However, analysts claim that the device will have the same display as the former models. Apple has made a good choice to preserve the 1,024×768 resolution display because this way, tablet owners will be able to use the same applications without effecting any changes in order to accommodate them to a smaller display.

Other details regarding the new device remain unknown for the moment. No declaration has been made in relation to the processor and the design of the smaller iPad. If the characteristics of the new device will not be good enough to attract new customers, the smaller prices will most likely convince people to buy the new tablet.  Apple plans to sell the 7.85-inch device for $249-$299.

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